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Cisco, Aruba, and Motorola to benefit from $1.3 billion healthcare Wi-Fi market by 2016

Jean-Pierre Joosting

8/21/2011 10:54 AM EDT

Wi-Fi has already been widely adopted across professional healthcare locations in North America, but the expansion of existing networks and the growing adoption of Wi-Fi in other regions around the world will ensure that the market for Wi-Fi access point hardware, software, and services will grow to $1.34 billion by 2016.

Wi-Fi-embedded consumer devices are also making their way into professional healthcare locations, furthering the demand for access to professional healthcare Wi-Fi networks. "ABI Research expects the number of smartphone and handheld computing devices leveraging professional healthcare Wi-Fi networks to grow by close to 20% in this market in 2011," says Jonathan Collins, principal analyst, wireless healthcare and M2M.

Leading Wi-Fi infrastructure vendors including Cisco, Aruba, and Motorola are all focused on the potential for Wi-Fi in healthcare. These companies are set to benefit as customers not only build out their networks, but also turn to established vendors and their partners to deliver management for networks and the growing number of applications that will leverage that connectivity.

Existing Wi-Fi-based applications such as Voice over Wi-Fi and RTLS (real-time location systems), will increasingly be joined by a new generation of "medical body area networks" (MBANs), which are positioned to also leverage Wi-Fi connectivity through gateway devices that take advantage of Wi-Fi connectivity to support mobile monitoring capability. The global MBAN market within professional healthcare will see nearly 30 million devices shipped annually by 2016.

ABI Research's new study, "Wireless Technologies in Professional Healthcare," examines the size of the market for Wi-Fi hardware and services, looking at both the current challenges and potential rewards. It forecasts the possible adoption of various technologies in medical body area network applications within the professional healthcare setting.

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  • 什么是Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi的全称是Wireless Fidelity,又叫802.11b标准,是IEEE定义的一个无线网络通信的工业标准。该技术使用的使2.4GHz附近的频段,该频段目前尚属没用许可的无线频段。其主要特性为:速度快,可靠性高,在开放性区域,通讯距离可达305米,在封闭性区域,通讯距离为76米到122米,方便与现有的有线以太网络整合,组网的成本更低。 根据无线网卡使用的标准不同,WIFI的速度也有所不同。其中IEEE802.11b最高为11Mbps(部分厂商在设备配套的情况下可以达到22Mbps),IEEE802.11a为54Mbps、IEEE802.11g也是54Mbps。

  • 什么是MBAN?
  • 国际电子商情提供相关MBAN技术文章及相关MBAN新闻趋势,及更新最新相关MBAN电子产品技术

  • 什么是医疗保健?
  • 国际电子商情提供相关医疗保健技术文章及相关医疗保健新闻趋势,及更新最新相关医疗保健电子产品技术

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